The Novice Ultimate Escape Room Guide

Escape room is the new trendy outdoor activity for people of different age and profession. It does not matter who you are or what you do, escape room does not discriminate – escape room experience is for everyone who dare to solve problems and mind-boggling riddles and hints. Read on Breakout Games

If you have already made up your mind and will experience escape room this weekend, behold and be ready. It will never be too easy and you might find yourself always want to press the quit button and be over it. You would not want to do that right? Quitting is the lesser fun way to have your first escape room experience. You should treasure it, thus you need to be ready for the mind games and subtle clues and hints that you might find hard to crack when you finally enter an escape room.

You know your goal, it’s not just to solve every puzzle but to do it as fast as you can. Records in escape rooms are the ones that constantly make people do better each time they try. If you want to be the unbeatable one, make a score that will astound everyone. Don’t just reside on the satisfaction of having to survive an escape room, you need to be better at it and should rank on top. Also read on Breakout Games

Aside from analytical and logical thinking, in an escape room presence of mind is very much needed from you. This is especially needed because you might find yourself distracted and cared by the things that are inside the escape room. Every escape room has a twist and plot that you will find worthy of jump scares and distraction. You need to focus and shift your attention only to things that might get you a clue or hint about the possible next move.

In case you are not good with puzzles and mystery solving but you are in the mood for some thrilling and suspense as your next fun activity – you need to invite the smart one. I’m sure you have friends that are all down for science and mystery things. Bring them and have fun with them. It can also be great way to connect with them and enter their world of inward thinking.

But basically, the key to solving puzzles lies on your deduction. Yes, you might have heard it somewhere. Yes it’s Sherlock’s greatest asset. The art of deduction, if you see things backwards you will be able to pin down the key and escape the room the fastest. View

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